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Therefore, we have designed a program to help your child with every step of the college admissions process.
At SmartWay, our holistic approach to learning is not limited to standardized testing. Rather, we acknowledge that perfecting standardized test scores is simply an important first step in the college admissions process.
At Smart Way Learning Center
We offer Group and Private classes every Week!
So whether your child has no idea where to start looking for colleges, or just wants to continue refining their ideas, SmartWay is here to ensure that their application stands out against the rest.
At SmartWay, our counselors will help your child fill out applications such as FAFSA and TAP, as well as scholarship applications such as CUNY Macaulay Honors College. We will even work one on one with your child to search for any scholarships or grants that may be specific to their demographic or skills.
Our trained staff with experience in various college admissions offices will make sure that your child has the best chance of getting into their dream school.
However, our expertise does not end here; at SmartWay, we acknowledge that getting into your dream school is only half the battle. With the cost of college tuition consistently on the rise, the importance of tools that offset that price, such as scholarships, grants, and financial aid become increasingly competitive and important.
College Admissions
Filling the Scholarship Application/s
Perfecting the notorious “college essay”
Choosing a school / program
Perfecting their SAT/ ACT scores
Filing the college application
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