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Geometry is essential for developing your child’s visual-spacial reasoning ability, deductive reasoning, and creative thinking. Our geometry curriculum is uniquely geared towards developing this extremely important set of skills. At Smart Way Learning Center, we teach geometric concepts in integrative way, growing your child’s natural curiosity and imagination, while re-enforcing the principles of basic math and logic. Our students learn to independently analyze complex multi-step problems in a systematic approach, utilizing a familiar set of analytical tools.
Besides developing your child’s problem-solving abilities and academic confidence, the skills acquired in our geometry program can be applied across a broad range of academic disciplines, including physics and engineering. To build a strong foundation in geometry, enroll your child in our program today
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Our Geometry Tutoring program includes
Angles, Parallel line relationships
Volume and Surface Area of Triangles and Polygons
Relationships in Triangles and Polygons
Special Right Triangles, Basic Trigonometry: Sin, Cos, Tan
Line Construction. Slope, Distance and Midpoint Formulas
Parallelograms and Trapezoids
Inequalities, Graphing Inequalities
Coordinate Relationships
Coordinate Geometry
Circles and Angle Measurement
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