I would like to introduce myself to you.
My name is Roman Melikov and I am a professional mathematics tutor who resides in Southern Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay).
Dear Parents,
I am eager to serve our community and provide high-level education to our future leaders.
I hope to see you all soon
Although mathematical concepts are important, my class is a combination of test taking skills, logical reasoning, and attitude towards challenge. Weather your goal is to maintain a high math average in the school or getting a higher result on the upcoming tests like SAT, SHSAT, Math Regents, etc., such will be achieved. I can also provide guidance towards the choice of middle schools, high schools and college majors.
References can be provided from parents with kids in grades 3-12, upon request.
Even though I’ve been practicing for over 7 years its only now I have been convinced to advertise myself to the public.

Over the years I have developed a unique approach to teaching math to my students. Where not only mathematical concepts are thoroughly explained and broken down, but a higher level of mathematical idea is taught.
Roman Melikov
Smart Way Learning Center
Letter from The Owner
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