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For introductory students they will learn and become familiar with the programming language Scratch. Scratch is a beginner friendly programming language that is built on understanding fundamental programming concepts while being very user friendly. Scratch allows for an easy development process without lacking the logic and operations that every programming language uses to express code.
In a time and age where our lives are getting more digital by the year. There is a serious benefit to knowing how the tools we use in our everyday life work and how we can create our own tools and understand how they work. Programming is a great way to teach problem solving skills at an early stage along with creativity. The enrichment you develop from knowing how to code opens you up to an entirely new world that you can create and share with the world. Programming comes along with many benefits such as learning how to break down big problems into smaller logical components and allows you to appreciate the importance of precision and detail. Learning these skills at a young age allows for your brain to be challenged and creative in an entirely new way that can be transferred to other aspects in your life as well.
SmartWay Learning Center offers focused small group programming classes. Our educators have developed an effective learning curriculum that is fun and engaging. Lessons are designed in a way to teach students how to use tools and then they apply the usage of these tools on their own. Allowing them to express the concepts they learn in class in their own projects creatively. SmartWay Learning Center is committed to teaching students how to think as a programmer. Starting from basic concepts and fundamentals to far more complicated and advanced programming projects. Our goal is to provide each student with a road map from an introductory programmer with little to no experience, to a full-fledged experienced programmer who can work with multiple technologies and tools and tasks.
Introduction To Programming
At Smart Way Learning Center
We offer Group and Private classes every Week!
2022 Semester
What Is Taught
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Our Approach
Programming Classes
Group 1 (Grades 5-7) – Saturday 1pm-3pm
We are offering introductory programming classes for kids Grades 5-8.
Students will learn core programming concepts and fundamentals in an easy to understand manner.
Classes are conducted in a small group instruction setting.
Students will learn how to create innovative projects and have a solid foundation in fundamental programming concepts.
After the course students will have a solid grasp of applicable programming concepts and will be able to develop their own projects independently.
Learn: Scratch, Python, C++, HTML
Students will learn how to appreciate the code design language & structure allowing them to code and express their own ideas uniquely.
Students are taught how to turn ideas they create and express it in logic that the computer can understand.
Sessions are engaging, comprehensive and focused
Classes are in a Small Group Instruction Setting
We teach core programming concepts and fundamentals in a friendly and easy to understand manner.
Students will build many different applications and projects with the materials they learn in class to further enrich the concepts they are learning.
In these classes students will be taught, syntax, code-style, debugging techniques, library tools, development team work and much more.
Through this course students will be introduced to real world programming concepts and tools that they will use in class.
Students will be taught Python through a series of lessons and classes that will allow them to understand the usage of the language.
Succeeding this course. Students will proceed to learning Python, the one of the popular programming languages.
After all the fundamental concepts of Scratch are learned, students will come up with their own project that demonstrates the usage of all the concepts and tools they learned and present it and share it with their peers.
While learning how to use these tools, students will be introduced to create their own mini projects using the material they just learned in order to solidify the concepts they are learning in each class.
Students will learn the tools of the language, how to use them and implement these tools use cases through guided lessons in class.
Students will be introduced to programming through the programming language Scratch.
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