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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is one of the most important examinations your child will face during their educational career! Great performance on the test is essential to getting into the college of their choice, and paves the way to scholarships and other unique educational opportunities.
That is why adequate preparation for the SAT requires consistent preparation, conveniently offered to you by “SmartWay Learning Center”
“SmartWay Learning Center” offers small group and individual Mathematics and English classes to prepare your child for the SAT. Our educators have developed an effective tutoring curriculum, designed to identify and remedy your child’s weaknesses. “SmartWay Center” is committed to seeing our students succeed and we proudly stand behind our tutoring services. If you are ready to make an investment into your child’s future, call us, or stop by today!
Development Plan
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Our SAT Prep program at Tutoring Pro BK begins with an assessment test to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and individual level of mastery of the subject. Sign up for a free test
We tailor our course based on the results of the assessment test.
To monitor the progress of our students, we hand out the performance test every two weeks, which assists us to evaluate the on-going progress
At Smart Way Learning Center
We offer Group and Private classes every Week!
The SAT is universally recognized as a measure of college readiness and is required by a majority of colleges and universities for admission. Consisting of three sections, the SAT puts a premium on a student’s knowledge of English and Mathematics. The test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete, effectively testing both knowledge of the subject and mental endurance.
SAT Prep for 2021/2022
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SAT Math Group sessions – Tuesdays 5pm-7pm And Thursdays 5pm-7pm
One-on-One Tutoring with all instructional materials provided.
Private Sessions can be scheduled at any time.
Classes are focused, intense, and comprehensive.
Private one-to-one Tutoring or Small Group Instruction
We are a leading provider with a 5 Star Reputation.
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