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To monitor the progress of our students, we hand out the performance test every two weeks, which assists us to evaluate the on-going progress
We tailor our course based on the results of the assessment test.
Our SHSAT Prep program at Tutoring Pro BK begins with an assessment test to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and individual level of mastery of the subject. Sign up for a free test
Result Evaluation
Development Plan
At Smart Way Learning Center, we understand the importance of challenging and consistent preparation in Mathematics and English to ensure that your child performs at the top of their class and gains one of these coveted seats.
We offer rigorous small group and private tutoring classes geared for success on the SHSAT. Our educators have extensive experience, and an impressive track record.
Our Approach
Contact us to schedule an in-Person session for any available time.
Full (mock) Test is given and assessed before the actual test
All Materials are included
We work to instill confidence in students and ready them for advanced academic success
SHSAT prep Clasees are avaliable in-Person and Zoom
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