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10 math Classes (2hr. each)
Summer SHSAT
5 ELA Classes (2hr each)
1 Full Mock Test (3.5 hr)
At Smart Way Learning Center
we have crafted a unique SHSAT program, that will drastically improve student’s understanding of fundamental topics and give perspective on the most effective approach to score the highest
on the test.
At the end of the program a full mock test will be given to all the students, giving the closest feel of the actual test.
At Smart Way we also teach “mind-set” a student requires to successfully pass the test. Ex. (Self-confidence, focus, overcoming thoughts like “how do I treat a question I can’t solve”).

Although such aspects are vastly underestimated, we at Smart Way believe those parts are equally as important.
Here we’ve listed the most important mathematical topics assigned to a specific date, that will allow you to follow the program at any time.
Geometry: Circles, Cylinders, Cones (5/8, 5pm-7pm)
Number Properties (6/7, 5pm-7pm)
ELA (7/7, TBD)
Integers and Pre-Algebra (8/7, 5pm-7pm)
Pre- Algebra. (13/7, 5pm-7pm)
ELA (14/7, TBD)
Rate, Proportions (20/7, 5pm-7pm)
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions. (15/7, 5pm-7pm)
Probability (27/7, 5pm-7pm)
ELA (21/7, TBD)
Precents (22/7, 5pm-7pm)
ELA (28/7, TBD)
Mean, Median, Mode (29/7, 5pm-7pm)
Geometry: Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals (3/8, 5pm-7pm)
ELA (4/8, TBD)
Test taking skills
Full MOCK TEST (7/8, TBD)
To sign up for the program please call us (347)-926-8575
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